This weekend we celebrated!  Friday was Craig’s birthday, and we kicked off the weekend with good friends and good food.  For any Oak Parkers, Marion Street Cheese Market is one of the best places in town.  We soaked up the summertime weather, enjoyed delicious food and celebrated Craig!

Saturday we continued the celebration and headed to Starved Rock State Park, which was just about 1.5 hrs away.  It was almost 90 degrees on Saturday, but it was perfect.  We hiked, took in the views and were in awe that we were still in Illinois — the scenery was incredible!

We walked through a number of canyons, and we were thankful for the waterfall that cooled us down in the midst of a hot hike!

Sunday we continued celebrating, but this time for my 2 year old twin nephews! We had a pool party, complete with fish tacos and dirt cupcakes! I love my nephews so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with my whole family!

These guys are so cute. 🙂


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