Michigan Weekend

My parents’ cottage is about 2.5 hrs from where we live.  It’s a quick drive, usually pretty similar weather, and we know quite a few people there (including my in-laws, a number of college friends & my co-workers), but spending time there always feels like such a vacation!

We had beautiful weather, which made me so excited for summer!

During the day we hung out at the beach, went for a couple of walks & enjoyed coffee and treats in Saugatuck.  Craig and my dad biked there and met my mom and I for breakfast!

My parents love Uncommon Grounds’ coffee & cherry almond scones.

I tried the broccoli breakfast bake & cranberry quinoa salad… so good!

After breakfast we checked out the waterfront scene in Saugatuck.

For our dinners we ate at the cottage and made some simple but delicious meals on the grill.  I think the best dinner of the weekend was grilled chicken kabobs, shrimp & veggies with spinach pasta, fresh watermelon and salad on the side.

Craig manned the grill & drank the beer.

Yum.  After dinner we headed down to enjoy the most beautiful sunset ever!  I took a million pictures. 🙂

Moxie spent most of the sunset running like a crazy dog across the beach chasing her ball, and then she’d race out into the water to cool off.  She loves the beach!

After dinner we played Rummikub and enjoyed a classic summer dessert…

Peach pie!

What a great kick off to summer!


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