French Market & Buckeye State Ice Cream

Earlier tonight my mom, sister, twin nephews and I headed to Western Spring’s French Market.

I really enjoyed seeing the various booths at the French Market because it’s different from your typical farmers market.  In addition to fresh veggies, eggs, etc., there were vendors selling jewelry, kettle corn (a big hit with Hudson & Gavin), and a  number of specialty bakeries.

Hudson loved tipping the music man!

And Gavin loved dancing to the tunes!

The highlights for these guys were playing with all the other kids and eating the kettle corn. 🙂

Later tonight we had a boring dinner of scrambled eggs, which was totally overshadowed by the most delicious ice cream EVER!  If you haven’t had it (and even if you’re like me and don’t like ice cream), try Jeni’s Ice Cream.  It is the most creamy, flavorful, scrumptious ice cream!

From Jeni’s website: Our version of Ohio’s favorite confection. Rich and salty peanut butter yields to the crunch of exceptional dark chocolate for perfect balance.

Makes me want to go to Ohio!  Goodnight 🙂


3 thoughts on “French Market & Buckeye State Ice Cream

  1. I agree– even people that don’t like ice cream would love this! Also, the pic of your mom dancing with Gavin is so cute. I think I need to explore Western Springs.

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