My parents gave us a thoughtful card and generous gift card for a dinner out for our anniversary last week.  We thought we’d save the gift card for a fun dinner sometime in the next few months, but tonight seemed like the perfect night for a fun dinner outside, so we decided to cash it in! 🙂

The Reel Club in Oak Brook is known for fresh seafood, fun drinks, and a great outdoor patio.

We were both really hungry and their cheesy biscuits were exactly what we were craving!

We shared their sushi appetizer, and [although Craig claims I say this about every meal] I think it was the best sushi I’ve ever had!  Because their fish is so fresh it tasted really different from other sushi I’ve had — more clean and simple.

We also shared a tuna burger that was really flavorful & filling.  I especially liked the lemon ginger sauce that came with it!

Our meal was delicious, and we really liked our server.  He spent time talking to us about where they get their seafood from, and he didn’t seem to mind that we split two of the cheapest meals on the menu!

After dinner we walked around Oak Brook.  I’ve never been a huge fan of hanging out around shopping malls, but Oak Brook is so beautiful and feels more like a downtown area.  There are tons of people sitting outside and enjoying the great summer night.

Happy weekend!


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