Green Pick-Me-Up

Coffee, a quick run, a phone call with a friend, and a green smoothie — these are a few of my favorite pick-me-ups!

Over the last couple months I’ve developed a healthy habit of green smoothies in the mid/late afternoon.  It is the perfect boost I need and it tides me over until dinner.

I keep my smoothies pretty simple — kale, frozen mango and water are the key ingredients.

The super food ingredient to boost your energy levels & daily nutrient intake: kale!  I usually add a drizzle of honey, and I sometimes I add oats, sunflower seed butter or a banana if I need something a little more filling.

I dare you to try one of these for the next few days… you’ll start to crave ’em!


4 thoughts on “Green Pick-Me-Up

  1. Ohhhhh do you have glass straws? I’ve been searching for straws that I could use with the boys that a reusable with no BPA, so intrigued!

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