Kitchen Sink Burgers

What better thing to do on a 100+ degree evening than cook in the kitchen?!  I was in the mood to chill out in my air conditioned kitchen, use up some random odds & ends from the fridge, and eat a nutritious dinner.

Here’s what I was working with:

tofu, red pepper, almonds, pepper jack cheese, kale, frozen spinach, crushed crackers

I’ve had some veggie burger flops (literally) in the past, but this random mixture of ingredients came together for flavor packed, sturdy little veggie patties!  I simply mixed everything in the food processor and then cooked them on the stove top.  I wish we had a grill, but avoiding the 100 degrees today was ok with me. 🙂

This would be great on a multigrain bun with your typical burger toppings, but I enjoyed mine on top of a simple green salad.  The burger had so much flavor that I didn’t even need salad dressing!

I think that the building blocks to a successful veggie burger are:

flavorful veggies ( pepper, kale, spinach) + texture (almonds & crackers) + binder (tofu)






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