Local Summertime

Anytime we come to the Holland/Saugatuck area there is one destination that I can’t wait to visit.

The Summertime Market is located in Douglas, MI (next to Saugatuck), and every product they sell is from within 30 miles.

Not only do I love all of their fresh produce and specialty products, but I also love the atmosphere.

The store has the perfect combination of clean colorful design with vintage character pieces.  It’s obvious that the owners put a lot of time and thought into every aspect of their business, and because of this it is a pleasure to shop around!

Outside there is a small farm stand setup with fresh fruits and veggies from local farms.  Painted on the wall is a map that shows where all of their produce (and other products) come from.

We decided to pick up a bunch of carrots, and we’re still determining how to use the carrot greens in tonight’s dinner… I’ll keep you posted!

We also picked up some other groceries, including ‘Salty Seedy’ bread from Salt of the Earth.

After reading The Summer Time Market‘s website, I love their story and it seems like their original vision has become a reality:

Summertime Market was created over cocktails while sharing stories about our favorite fruit stands. We reminisced about the trips we took as kids to the local farm markets and orchards. We talked about the best places for farm fresh eggs and handcrafted cheese. We grew hungry swapping tales of fresh produce and great recipes.

At The Summertime Market, we believe in building relationships with our food. We love our community. What’s old may be new again: we promote only foods that your great-grandma would approve; we only sell produce from farmers we know and trust; none of these farmers are more than 30 miles away from our stand.

If you happen to be in the area this summer, stop by & check it out!


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