Dinner for Pops

This week we had a belated Father’s Day dinner for my dad, who is lovingly called ‘Pops.’

My dad is one of the most selfless, kind, hard-working, fun, supportive people I know.  He is also a hands-on, engaging, active grampa to my two twin nephews!

To show him how much we appreciate all that he does, my  mom, sister & I cooked a special dinner for all of us, in honor of Pops!

We grilled carrots, asparagus & salmon, cooked an ancient grains mixture, and put together a refreshing salad.

I wrapped the carrots in foil and coated them lightly in olive oil, honey and sea salt.

The asparagus was grilled with olive oil, seal salt & black pepper.

The salad was a mixture of farmer’s market greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and cheese.

The whole meal came together really well, and the savory flavors of the salmon and grains were complemented perfectly by the  honey on the carrots.

We love you, Pops!




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