Tonight is the last night of our week-long vacation.  I’m so thankful for family that we love to spend time with, our funky cottage, hot beach weather and a great location.  Having two funny and adorable nephews has made this week extra fun. 🙂

We spent most of the afternoon at the beach, and we were lucky to run into a friend who let us take his paddle board out during a gorgeous sunset.

It’s been great this week to focus on enjoying each other’s company and our beautiful surroundings, and to ignore phones, email, and computers for the most part.

We enjoyed another late night dinner, which is something else I love about vacation.  Why come up from the beach for dinner before 9:30pm?

The kitchen in our cottage is small, but we’ve made it work and ate most of our dinners here this week.  It’s fun to brainstorm a fun menu, go to local shops for fresh ingredients, and eat together outside in the dark.  I’m going to miss these late-night dinners next week!  Tonight we ate mahi mahi burgers, broccoli salad, fresh veggies and chips.

Tomorrow we head home, but I’m going to attempt to bring the vacation mindset with me.  I’m hoping to focus on people and nature more and technology less,  appreciate simple meals with good company, and enjoy these long summer days.

Happy weekend!



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