Summer Nights

Fresh fruits and veggies make throwing together a quick and healthy dinner fun.  Tonight I didn’t have a ton of time, I wanted to use a lot of odds and ends from the refrigerator, and I wanted a summery meal.

While cooking some wild rice, I put together a refreshing salsa made from a ripe avocado, a fresh peach, a handful of cherries and about 1/4 C sweet onion.

I simply chopped & mixed (and tasted)!

I could have eaten this on it’s own for my dinner, but I kept on cookin’.  Next, I sauteed tempeh that I had marinated in coconut oil, maple syrup and soy sauce.  I know it’s a weird combination, but it was yummy!

As soon as the rice was done I piled our plates with wild rice, fresh arugula, tempeh, salsa, and a few almonds on top.

I love meals like this where every bite is packed with not only interesting flavors, but also a variety of nutrients.

After this summer inspired dinner, we couldn’t help but get outside and enjoy the beautiful night.

Does anyone out there have a summer recipe that you love?  Please share!



3 thoughts on “Summer Nights

  1. As a very important person once told me, it not only has to taste good …it also has to look good. What a great presentation on a pretty plate. Makes it all the more delicious!

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