No Heat Required

My goal yesterday was to not turn on the oven or the stove.  Craig and I decided that there would be no heat allowed because it felt like an oven outside, and our poor little window unit air conditioner is trying it’s hardest to keep our place relatively cool!  I needed to make some sort of appetizer to bring to our friend’s back porch, and luckily I found just the recipe (no heat required).

While grabbing a coffee this weekend, I picked up a card for a free electronic cookbook.

I was a little skeptical about a free cookbook, but it’s a fun mix of summer recipes, and as the introduction says, “Heat or not, it’s time to get cooking.” (source)

One recipe in particular stood out to me, and it seemed like the perfect dish for an outdoor gathering — Crostini with Zucchini Pesto.

I used the recipe as inspiration, checked the fridge and cabinets to see what I had on hand, and got cookin.

Very simple ingredients: zucchini, feta cheese, almonds and grape seed oil.

First, I used my food processor to shred the zucchini.  Then I salted the zucchini, left it on a paper towel for 2-3 minutes, and squeezed out the excess liquid.  I did this process twice.  This keeps the pesto from tasting watered down, so it’s an important step!

Last, I put all ingredients in the food processor and simply mixed the pesto together.  So easy!

I served our pesto with crackers, but if you are ok with turning your oven on you could serve this on toasted bread instead.

The pesto was really quick to make (and didn’t require heat!), and it was convenient to pack up and take to our friends’ house.  In addition to our dip, we also enjoyed Tina‘s famous Sunday night popcorn!

I caught Craig mid bite. 🙂

Don’t let the warm weather keep you from creating delicious, healthy meals this week!  Does anyone have a favorite warm weather recipe — no heat necessary?


2 thoughts on “No Heat Required

  1. Just made tomato,basil,mozzarella sandwiches and watermelon. Really good with Michigan heirloom tomatoes but not half as exciting as your idea!
    Trying to keep it cool here too!

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