Double Date

Last night my mom & dad came to Oak Park for a mid-week double date.  We decided on Duckfat FatDuck (who knew they changed their name?) for dinner because it’s close to our condo, they have a lively outdoor patio, and we always enjoy their food.

Cheers!  I ordered their blackened Tilapia sandwich and got an order of the famous FatDuck fries for all of us to share.  Did you know that duck fat is a healthy alternative to butter (because it is lower in saturated fat)?

FatDuck is the perfect place for an outdoor dinner – complete with a tiki bar!

Although we were pretty full from dinner, the The Brown Cow is just across the street and it was calling our name.

The Brown Cow is a quaint, old fashioned ice cream parlor with the best ice cream in town.  They have funky decor, friendly workers, and it’s always packed.

I recently heard Dr. Oz talk about the health benefits of green tea ice cream so I gave it a shot.  I really liked the flavor, but the taste was pretty strong so a little went a long way (that’s probably the good thing about it!).

Notice their crazy menu item?

The 7 pound trough seems a little over-the-top. 🙂

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for a fun double date!



7 thoughts on “Double Date

  1. I heard about the name change a few months ago I think– apparently there is a restaurant in Portland (?) with the same name and they were trying to franchise so it was creating some confusion. They sent a cease and desist letter and everything!

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