White + Green + Blue

I’m usually drawn to patterns and paintings and meals that have too many colors to count.  Last night I tried out a simpler color scheme, and while the colors may have been limited, the flavors were complex and delicious!


local cornmeal

kale, leeks, shredded brussels sprouts, garlic, cauliflower & mozzarella cheese

I was inspired by a recipe from 101 Cookbooks, but as usual I followed it pretty loosely.  While the cornmeal was cooking (1 part cornmeal, 2 pt water), I sauteed my veggies.

I started with leeks and garlic, and then I slowly added in the rest of the veggies.  I used grape seed oil for a light and flavorful saute.

After about 5 minutes the cornmeal was cooked and the veggies were bright in color, I mixed the cheese and veggies into the cornmeal, and then put it all into a lightly greased pan.  At the last minute I added a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

I popped this into a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes (until the edges and top were golden and crispy).

While that was cooking, I threw together a simple summer salad.

Key ingredient: fresh blueberries!  They added a beautiful, bold color to the meal, and their sweetness balanced out the savory cornmeal dish.

I made an easy dressing with dijon mustard, grape seed oil and honey.  So good!

Soon the cornmeal bake was done and the meal was ready to be served!

This meal took about 15 minutes of prep and 25 minutes in the oven.

The colors and flavors complemented each other really well, and we ended up with a delectable summer dinner (and leftovers for lunch)!

Do you notice that you’re drawn to certain colors/color schemes — not just in your fashion or decorating style, but in your food choices too?  Please share!


2 thoughts on “White + Green + Blue

  1. Wow, this looks amazing and Dr. Terry Mason would so agree with the portion reversal (make your veggies your main dish and protein more of a side plate portion)! I must try grape seed oil… I hear it’s wonderful.

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