Salad Dressing for your Hair

I recently posted a smoothie for your face, and now I’ve got a salad dressing for your hair.

Simple ingredients:

  • Avocado // healthy fats, vitamins and minerals combine to moisturize and nourish hair
  • Grape Seed Oil // protects, moisturizes and strengthens hair.  lighter & less greasy than other oils
  • Greek Yogurt // protein and enzymes from yogurt help to strengthen roots and fight dandruff
  • Honey // helps to retain moisture in hair and may even boost your natural hair color

I simply combined these ingredients & applied the mixture liberally to my slightly damp hair.

I left it on for about 30 minutes and then washed & conditioned my hair.  I always love the feeling after leaving a hair salon, especially if I get highlights or any sort of conditioning treatment, and I have to say that the feeling after this DIY treatment came surprisingly close!  My hair felt smoother, looked shinier, and I loved knowing that simple, natural ingredients were the cause of that feeling — not harsh chemicals.

Do you have any homemade hair treatments?  I want to hear!


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