Hope & Day 4

My plan for today’s blog post was a recap of my dinner last night.  I ate at a local Thai restaurant and the food was excellent, but my company stole the show.

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten involved with Chicago Scholars, an organization with an ambitious mission:

The mission of Chicago Scholars is to provide talented, academically ambitious, and underserved high school students access and success through college and beyond.

Over the next decade, we intend to foster a college-bound culture in every Chicago neighborhood and to improve college completion rates among attendees. To this end, our groundbreaking Campaign for Chicago’s Scholars is a community-wide call-to-action designed to serve 10,000 students by guiding them from high school through to college graduation.


I first met the scholars in my cohort (above) and my co-mentor over a year ago, and in the next couple of weeks they are headed to prestigious colleges and universities across the country.  Over our flavorful dinner we laughed, talked about the nervous/excited feeling that precedes heading off to college, and these bright young women shared their fears and their goals for the next four years and beyond.

In the midst of a city with heart breaking crime statistics, low percentages of high achieving high school students attending college, and neighborhoods that could easily limit their success, these students are beating the odds.  Not only are they pursuing a college degree, they have extremely high goals and expectations that they’ve set for themselves.  Part of Chicago Scholars’ vision is that these students will learn, grow and succeed at various colleges and universities, and hopefully they will come back to Chicago and become our future leaders.  This gives me hope!

It’s easy to listen to negative news reports, and read feisty political facebook posts, and feel like we’re not making much progress in our city or in the world.  However, these students have restored my hope and inspired me to beat the odds, set high goals, and focus on the positive.

So yes, the Thai food was good, but the company was even better.  If you live in Chicago or are curious to learn more, please check out Chicago Scholars!


1 C peach
1 banana
1 C avocado (yes, it’s a fruit!)

Total: 3 C fruit


3/4 C veggie bowl (lunch)
1 C sweet potato
1/2 C red pepper

Total: 2.25 C veggie

Tomorrow I need to get some more veggies in!

Food for thought: Pop-Up Grocery Stores Solve the Problem of Food Deserts?


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