Refrigerator Pickles and Day 3 of Fruit + Veggie Challenge

Cute little cucumbers, perfect for pickling, caught my eye at last week’s market!

After doing a little online research, I found that making refrigerator pickles is pretty simple.  I started by washing & chopping up my cucumbers and several cloves of garlic.

Next, I filled up two glass jars with cucumber slices and garlic.

Once the jars were full, I poured vinegar on top until the cucumbers were covered.  I used rice vinegar because it was all I could find at Trader Joe’s, and I like it’s more subtle (less tangy) taste.

After this quick prep, I placed the lids on the jars and put them in the refrigerator for two days.

I gave one jar to my twin nephews, and Craig and I have been enjoying the other!

Day 3 of my Fruit + Veggie challenge was different from the first 2 days, mostly because I knew that I was going out to dinner tonight.  I was intentional about adding in lots of veggies to my lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day.  Once again, the simple act of thinking about this has made an impact on my choices throughout the day!


1 C banana (breakfast)
1/4 C dried cherries (snack)
1 C mixed fruit (smoothie)

Total: 2.25 C fruit


2 C mixed veggies (veggie bowl for lunch)
1/2 C sweet potato/black beans (veggie bowl for lunch)
1 C kale (smoothie)
1/4 C mixed veggies (thai pasta dish for dinner)


Total: 3.75 C veggies

Food for thought: I found the article, Seeing Certain Foods Prompts Kids to Eat Healthier, to be really interesting — not just when thinking about healthy eating habits for children, but also for adults.  The study found that the presence of specific healthy options caused children to make healthier choices in school cafeterias (for example, seeing fruit cups led to choosing sugary products, while seeing vegetables prompted healthier options).  I have to believe that this is true for other age groups in other settings as well.  What you see when you walk into your kitchen matters!

What is your healthy eating trigger?


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