Friday Falafel & Day 5

We walked to a new Oak Park restaurant tonight, Falafill.

After stepping inside we knew we’d like it.  The space is clean, cozy and artistically designed.  Bright, flavorful, beautiful, aromatic food greeted us from their mezza bar, and the service was friendly.  We’re so excited to have Falafill within walking distance!

Craig ordered a Falafel Bowl & I Ordered the Chefs for Charity Wrap.

Kind of cool that $1 went to Pilot Light (you should check out the inspiring work that they are doing to encourage healthy eating habits with children)!

Mine looked like a boring wrap, but it was packed with unique flavor combinations — pickled pistachios, crispy kale, honey and lots of other yummy stuff.  I loved it!

Craig enjoyed his Falafel Bowl, and we ended up sharing a bit of each others.

We will definitely be back!


1 C mixed berries (smoothie)
1/2 C frozen mango
1/2 C cherries

Total: 2 C fruit


1/2 C frozen spinach (smoothie)
1 C kale (smoothie)
1/2 C veggies (sandwich)
1 C veggies (dinner wrap & bowl)

Total: 3 C veggies

I’d love to hear if this Fruit + Veggie challenge has inspired you in the least!

Food for Thought: Check out Pilot Light to learn more about their work with Chicago Public Schools.


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