Progressing as an Olympian

Over the weekend we enjoyed a progressive dinner, round 2 (see round 1 here).  This time we had 4 couples and an Olympic theme that called for uniforms, games (not related to our countries or the Olympics) and food & drink inspired by our team countries.  🙂

Stop #1:  Mexico // guac, salsa, chips, homemade blueberry lemonade // bags

Stop #2:  Jamaica // ginger rum drinks (recipe coming later this week!), Jamaican jerk tofu & coconut couscous // quadathalon

We ended up saving our food to have at the next location and just enjoyed drinks and games at the park near our condo.

Our unofficial 4 sport challenge included timed tennis, soccer, football and frisbee.

Stop #3:  India // Indian curry shrimp & rice // geography game

Stop #4:  France // fruit & nutella crepes // survivor challenge

Each couple had a kit with foil, sticks, paper, matches and a marshmallow.  The first couple to successfully start a fire and roast their marshmallow won.

We ended the night with a bonfire!

I was once again reminded of how easy, relatively cheap and different a progressive dinner can be.  Each couple was able to put some thought and time towards one specific part of the night (instead of hosting a full dinner party), it was cheaper than all of us going out for dinner and entertainment, and most importantly the night was active and fun!


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