Tempeh Summer Salad

Most mornings, as we’re both getting ready for the day, we have a quick conversation about what sounds good for dinner.  I usually mention some of the ingredients that we have on hand, we think through our timing for that evening, and we come up with a game plan.  I’m not the best at planning out all of our meals before the week begins, but I’m better at getting ingredients that can be mixed and matched into a variety of meals.

Recently we were both in the mood for a filling salad and we had some left over marinade, an assortment of veggies, fresh cherries and tempeh to mix together.  We only had about 15 minutes to prep our dinner, so this quick salad worked well.

First, I sauteed tempeh with a drizzle of jerk marinade and about 2 T maple syrup.

I found this marinade for our progressive dinner last weekend & love the bold flavors!

Next, I chopped broccoli, romaine, red onion, carrots and cherries.

And then I arranged them around the plate (in an effort to make a very simple salad look a little more fun!).

The combination of the jerk tempeh and the sweet cherries was my favorite.

We added a bit of Green Goddess Dressing to our salads, and eventually mixed it all together.

Sometimes if we have less than 30 minutes to cook or enjoy dinner I find myself thinking that our only option is to eat cereal or pick dinner up.  When we take the little bit of time to prepare something simple with healthy ingredients, we never regret it.  We feel better, save a little money and enjoy the cooking process (and dish washing) together.

What’s your go-to, quick dinner recipe?


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