Native Date

All week I look forward to the weekend, especially when we have a fun dinner out in the works.

There are a million reasons why I love living in the Chicago area, and one of them is the plethora of neighborhoods.

Wicker Park is just a quick drive from Oak Park, but it feels pretty different.

The shops are quirky, the food choices seem to have more character than we’re used to, and the people watching is entertaining.

We went with a dinner destination in mind:

Native Foods Cafe started in California, the menu is 100% plant based, and we love it. 🙂

I love the atmosphere — fun quotes and recipes on the wall, funky lighting, community tables and plenty of outdoor seating.

Being an order-at-the-counter restaurant, while also serving a variety of local beers, we think this place is the best of both worlds.  Quality food and a fun dinner time ambiance, but really reasonable prices.

We picked the perfect night to dine outside!

I ordered a Soul Bowl which was a flavorful combination of brown rice, red beans, kale, steamed veggies, cornbread and seitan.  I loved the amount of kale and veggies that were packed into this dish!

Craig went for their veggie reuben, and he loved every bite of it. 🙂

I love vegetarian restaurants that make healthy eating enjoyable instead of intimidating, and this definitely fits into that category.

After dinner we wandered down the street in search of something sweet.

The Wormhole is cuter than it sounds.  We ended up sitting at their coffee bar and people watching for quite a while.

We shared a delicious chocolate muffin that tasted like rich cake, and we left knowing that we will definitely be back!

Saturday & Sunday we enjoyed fun times with family and friends, and made a $2 purchase that I can’t stop looking at:

Hope you had a fun weekend, and cheers to a delicious week ahead!

Also, if you haven’t left a comment for my Grateful Giveaway (to enter a drawing for a $20 grocery gift card), check out my previous post before 8pm.  Thanks for all of the sweet comments so far!!




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