Cooking Debacle

Last night, I was excited to try a tomato tart recipe that was the perfect excuse to use a pie crust that has been in the freezer for months and beautifully ripe farmers’ market tomatoes.

Things were looking good until I got past the photo shoot.  My version of cooking the tomatoes was only making them soggy, and the pie crust wasn’t fully defrosted.

Needless to say, Craig came home to find me frustrated over a crumbly crust and almost teary over wet tomatoes.  Such silly little things to get upset about, but in the moment I was annoyed that these ingredients were going to waste and somehow I ruined dinner.

Craig changed the mood by giving me 3 cheap restaurant options to choose from, he helped me to quickly clean up the kitchen, and within 5 minutes we were headed out the door.  A cooking failure wasn’t going to ruin our night!

Maybe I should screw up dinner more often?! 😉

Have you had any cooking debacles lately?  Please share!


7 thoughts on “Cooking Debacle

  1. I always mess up dinner! About once a month I tell Andrew that I cooked dinner but he needs to pick something up on the way home because we won’t be eating what I made 😉

  2. Aw I love this – this is why Craig is so great for you! I hate when I mess things up too – so frustrating. Your dinner out looks well worth the mess up though 🙂

  3. Aww– I know that scenario well. My favorite was when I made an awesome salad and was so impressed with myself and then I dumped rotten cheese all over it (unbeknownst to me). Mmmm. Where did you end up going? Gotta love that craigers, whatta guy!

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