2nd Try

I was kind of annoyed last night to see my failed dinner‘s ingredients in the fridge, begging to be used.  (I was originally inspired to make a tomato tart, similar to this recipe.)  The scraps of pie crust had been lumped together into a ball, the soggy roasted tomatoes were looking pretty pathetic in a Tupperware containter, and the mozzarella cheese didn’t look all that appealing.  In an attempt to brighten my tomato tart, I added a bowl of raw kale and a perfectly ripe avocado to the mix.

First, to prep the kale, I used a technique that is simple and effective:  Simply massage raw kale with a bit of olive oil (for about 2 minutes).  This breaks down the kale which makes it much less bitter and easier to digest.

Last week at the farmers’ market I picked up a jar of spinach artichoke spread, so I mixed my soggy tomatoes with about 2 T of the dip and created a tomato sauce for my tart.

So here were all my tart/pizza toppings:

kale, tomato sauce, avocado, mozzarella

My crumbled crust had been defrosting in the fridge, so I formed it into an imperfect circular shape for my tart base.

I baked the crust (without any toppings) at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes, until it was golden and slightly brown along the edges.  I spread the mozzarella and tomato sauce on top, and baked it for an additional 5-10 minutes, until the cheese was melted.

I always love fresh salad as a pizza topping, so I served us each a piece of this tomato tart with a pile of kale and avocado on top.  It was the perfect combination!

This was a major improvement from the previous day’s cooking debacle.  Although I used almost all the same ingredients, I think that a fresh outlook was all that I needed.

We are soaking up these beautiful summer nights with dinners at the park!

Cheers to accepting imperfections and giving things another try!



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