Snacks for Travelin’

Tonight we’re driving to Colorado. We are beyond excited to spend a long weekend with good friends in a great location! A long road trip obviously calls for good snacks.

I decided to use the generous Trader Joe’s gift card from my sister, and I bought some fixin’s for one of Craig’s favorite sweet treats (but they’re actually healthy!) — cookie dough balls. I think they taste like a mix between real cookie dough and Larabars or Cliff Bars. Perfect for on-the-go snacking!

I made 2 batches: 1 regular chocolate chip cookie bites, and 1 chocolate orange (these are my favorite).

Ingredients: almonds, cashews, Medjool dates (it’s important to get this kind if possible), oats, chocolate chips, oranges, sea salt & honey

First, I added about 3/4 C of each to my food processor: cashews, almonds, oats and a bit of sea salt.

Next, I transferred these to another bowl and pureed about 10-12 pitted dates and 2 T honey.

Last, I mixed it all together and added about 1/4 C chocolate chips.

Looks & tastes like cookie dough! I formed spoon-size balls for easy snacking and put them in the fridge to cool overnight.

For the second batch, I experimented by grinding up the nuts and oats, and then adding all ingredients into the food processor. This actually worked really well, and the consistency is even more fine & doughy. 🙂 The only additional ingredient was the zest from 2 oranges, and this totally transformed the taste – in a good way!

I love how the chocolate chips became totally incorporated into the mix, and the combination of chocolate and orange makes these pretty addicting!

Many of you have asked for recipes to send with kids to school, or for good snack ideas for work, and I’m guessing that these little cookie dough bites could work pretty well. Dates are the key to holding everything together, but from there you can make your own variations!


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