Life on the Road

My job requires lots of day trips during the fall, and for the most part I really enjoy this time visiting high schools, meeting with students and exploring different areas.  However, when I’m eating so many meals out it can be challenging to eat healthy and stay sane.  Here are a few things I’m going to focus on during fall travel season:

Pack in the veggies when I can.

Last night I made a simple green side to pack in some veggies before a busy week for both of us.

I simply sauteed brussels sprouts and broccoli in olive oil, and later I added cashews and honey.

Eat with friends if possible.

I don’t love eating out at restaurants by myself.  Today I was in my friend Julie’s neck of the woods, so it worked out really well to meet up for lunch.  It was awesome to see her, and I really appreciated the company!

Figure out smarter snacks.

My goal for the next week is to come up with better snacks.

I find myself  bringing granola bars or Starbucks trail mix with me most days, but I’d like to find something that is healthier and doesn’t have as much packaging.  I’ve got a few ideas — stay tuned. 🙂

What are your tips for staying healthy while you work or travel?


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