Simple Sustenance

Tonight I was on a mission to figure out a better option for snacking on the road this fall.  I decided that homemade (thrown together) trail mix was my best bet because I’d be able to pick and choose what to include and hopefully cut out some of the packaging.  I headed to Whole Foods and went straight to the bulk aisle.

I love their selection of bulk items, but I was disappointed to see a sign that they don’t allow you to fill up your own reusable containers.  Has anyone out there had luck bringing in jars or reusable bags to Whole Foods?  I’m wondering if they would really keep you from doing it, even though it’s technically against their policy.

I spent quite a while considering my options and came home with a flavorful assortment!

1. dried mango (unsweetened)

2. yogurt covered goji berries (yum!)

3. dried cherries (unsweetened)

4. peanut butter pretzels

5. dried apricots (unsweetened)

6. roasted almonds

I chopped the mango into smaller pieces, but everything else I left whole.  After gathering 3 empty jars that I had from almond butter, applesauce and tomatoes, I simply filled them up!

I’m excited for Craig and I to have some fun take-to-work snacks tomorrow!

Do you have any tips when it comes to shopping the bulk aisle?  Please share!




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