Working Dinner

Craig’s work and a condo association meeting, in addition to work that I need to get done, meant that tonight’s dinner had to be quick, easy for me to eat in front of the computer, and ok for Craig to reheat later.

Throughout the day I came up with a plan: greens + grains + other veggies.

kale, brussels sprouts, mixed grains, broccoli, onion

While cooking the grains I sauteed all the veggies except for the kale and added a bit of soy sauce.

While the grains and veggies cooked, I massaged the raw kale with olive oil.  This helps to reduce the bitterness, and I love that it makes adding a huge pile of kale easier to incorporate into dinner!

Once the grains were done, I added them to the sauteed veggies.

I served up our plates with kale on the bottom and then piled the veggie/grain mixture on top.

Craig’s plate went into the oven to stay warm, and I’m working/eating.

I also added a handful of cashews on top.  The flavor combination of cashews and broccoli is delicious!



One thought on “Working Dinner

  1. Massaging kale with olive oil makes it less bitter?! Great tip. 🙂 hopefully I’ll see you soon so I can chat with you about this recipe! Yum!

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