Coconut Shampoo

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve tried to be more conscious of things that I buy on a regular basis — all the packaging, the hard-to-pronounce ingredients, and I’ve been surprised by how much stuff enters my body and home that doesn’t need to be there.

Last night I decided to try DIY shampoo with ingredients that I’m comfortable with and less single use plastic involved.  I found a recipe here and got mixin’!

Following the recipe, I simply mixed about 1/4 C coconut milk, 1/3 C liquid castile soap & a spoonful of almond oil (mine was not true almond oil, but it’s all I had!).

This recipe came together in about 2 minutes!  I poured the mixture into an old soap container with a pump dispenser.

It is thinner that typical shampoo, but it lathers pretty well and smells great!   Have you made your own shampoo?  Please share!


8 thoughts on “Coconut Shampoo

    • I will! So far so good. It definitely feels different from regular shampoo (while using & after), but I like the smell a lot and the fact that it lathers is nice. I’m thinking it might just take a couple of days/weeks for my hair to adjust to less chemicals etc. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,
      The recipe I followed suggested coconut milk, not coconut ‘drink.’ Because of this, I used canned coconut milk. Mine was ok in the shower for about a month, which is what the recipe mentioned. If you use the milk that you purchased, maybe keep it in the frige?! Let me know how it goes! My hair had a hard time transitioning to this type of shampoo… some days it looked great, some days it was too greasy. I guess everyone is different! 🙂

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