Topping Off Store-Bought-Risotto

I love cooking creative meals from scratch, but sometimes busy days and limited ingredients call for dinner problem solving:  What do we have in the freezer?  How can I turn it into a complete meal?

Here’s what I was working with:

pecans, frozen butternut squash risotto, avocado

My thought was to take the frozen risotto and add some healthy fats along with a little flavor.  I figured that pecans could fit in well with fall flavors, and the avocado needed to be used!

While I heated up the risotto, I toasted the pecans in a pan and added maple syrup and cayenne pepper for flavor.  These were delicious!

We topped our creamy squash risotto with the crunchy, sweet & spicy pecans and a few slices of ripe avocado.  We also had some greens that we needed to use up, so we threw together a simple side salad to round out the meal.

Do you ever take a store-bought dish & turn it into a homemade meal?  Share your tips!


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