I’ve mentioned my friend Tina before.  She is a thoughtful, organized, health-focused recipe developer, and she’s helping people revamp their pantry and their weekly meals with her new business: Voeden.

I think so many of us want to cook healthy, nourishing food for ourselves and our families, but sorting through recipes, planning the shopping, and trying to follow complicated instructions can make the whole process a bit of a drag.  Here’s where Tina comes to the rescue!  Her meal plans are delicious, healthy, simple to make, and she includes an organized shopping list.  Subscribers also have access to tons of helpful nutrition information, pantry basics, and supplemental recipes.  You should check it out!

We made Tina’s black bean burgers the other night, and although I made a few changes and used kidney beans instead of black beans (all I had!), and they were flavorful, hearty and great as leftovers the next day!

Do yourself a favor & check out Voeden!



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