Raw Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite ways to relax at night is watching The Chew on our iPad.  I love it!

They recently featured a shredded raw beet salad that I couldn’t wait to try.  I didn’t really follow their recipe, but it inspired last night’s creation!

Ingredients I started with:

I also ended up adding local honey and goat cheese.  Yum.

First, I washed and then shredded my beets.  Like The Chew, I did not peel them.

Next, I chopped up a bunch of green onions.

For the dressing, I mixed olive oil, dijon mustard (The Chew used fresh horseradish which would be awesome, but I couldn’t find any at Trader Joe’s), sea salt and local honey.  It was slightly sweet and slightly zippy — perfect for this salad.

I topped the salad with goat cheese.

This salad would be a nice light lunch on its own.

We enjoyed ours as a side with last night’s dinner.  And we both had seconds!



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