Spooky Salad

This salad really isn’t too spooky, but it is purple and full of flavor.

The dressing really made this salad so flavorful and unique.  I found a Bobby Flay recipe for cabbage salad and followed the recipe directions pretty closely.  I couldn’t imagine pureeing 1/3 red onion, 1/4 olive oil, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice, 3 T cilantro and 1  T honey, but I gave it a shot (these are not exactly Bobby Flay’s measurements — check out his recipe here.)!

The salad was refreshing and light, and salty pumpkin seeds added a nice crunch on top.  We enjoyed this with a kale/egg bake.  Yum!

Happy Halloween!  After tonight’s candy overload, go make yourself this healthy, detoxifying salad. 🙂


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