Veggie Burritos

As I mentioned last week, I’m a big fan of making some good grub on Sunday that can last us the week.  Craig brings lunch to work almost every day, and when we don’t have good lunch ingredients on hand, he loves Trader Joe’s frozen veggie burritos.  They are not the best lunch, but they’re definitely not horrible.

I was pretty sure that I could come up with something a little bit more interesting, and for sure made with more love. 🙂

I found some inspiring ideas on Pinterest, especially a post from the blog, Shutterbean.  I used her recipe as a starting point, looked around our refrigerator for leftovers from the weekend (we made some yummy food this weekend – stay tuned for lots of fun posts this week!), and within 20 minutes I had a stack of burritos ready to freeze for the week.


tortillas, greek yogurt + hot sauce, re-fried beans, quinoa+ salsa, black beans, roasted broccoli, green onions, cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, salsa

I tried to make sure that the burritos would have a variety of textures and flavors, and that everything would freeze/reheat ok.  You could use rice instead of quinoa, any roasted veggies that you have on hand, and you could omit the cheese.  These ingredients were all pre-cooked, except for the quinoa, which only took about 15 minutes.

Next, I assembled the burritos.

My first creation was a bit of a mess, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

I wrapped each burrito in foil, and now we have a stash of veggie burritos in the freezer for the week!

When we’re ready to enjoy these, we plan follow the recipe‘s instructions to remove the foil, wrap in a damp paper towel, and microwave for a couple of minutes until done.

Cheers to a great week ahead!  And here’s a little glimpse into our Sunday:


2 thoughts on “Veggie Burritos

  1. I’m loving all of your great ideas! The burritos were a huge hit with my husband and gave him lots of energy throughout the day! One question for you. What do you look for as “no, no ingredients” or “not so healthy”. Keep um coming!

    • Thanks, Bethany! Did you already make these burritos for your husband? I’m impressed! As far as ‘no no’ ingredients — I look for not too much sodium, and mostly ingredients I can pronounce and recognize. In general I believe that it’s better to make things at home, from scratch (when possible), with love. I do not always do this, but I enjoy it when I have the time!

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