Indulgent Cheesy Onion Bread

Over the weekend we were invited to our friends, Scott & Todd’s, apartment for dinner.  They live in an amazing location in the city, on the 38th floor, in an apartment that makes you feel cool as soon as you step foot in it.  The windows take up entire walls of their living room and bedroom, their modern, clean (super clean) style helps their space to feel open, and their taste for delicious food and fun conversation made the night really enjoyable.

While I probably should’ve made something a little more gourmet to go with the atmosphere, I decided to bring messy, cheesy, onion bread as an appetizer.  I knew that our hosts wouldn’t mind, and it seemed somewhat easy to transport on the train.

crusty bread, green onions, 2 T butter

First, we cut the bread horizontally and vertically, being careful not to cut all the way through.

Next, we stuffed cheese into each slot, and then covered it all in melted butter and green onions.

I covered the whole thing in foil and baked it for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Before taking off the foil and baking it some more, we hopped on the train and brought this little foil ball with us.  It smelled pretty good!

Once we got there we unwrapped it and baked it for an addition 15 minutes.  Because of the train ride, I think it probably could’ve used even more baking time, but it was just about gooey and ready to go!

So to kick off our amazing dinner, we dug into this messy loaf of cheesy, onion bread, and I think we all enjoyed it!  The rest of the meal was delicious and perfectly prepared.

Thanks, Scott & Todd, for a fun double dinner date at the best location around.  And even more than that, thanks for being generous, fun, thoughtful friends!




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