Fall Dinner & Book Review

Last week was crazy busy, then we were out of town for the weekend, and although we had a pretty bare fridge when we got home last night, I was in the mood for a cozy fall dinner.  I assessed what we had on hand:

  • butternut squash
  • whole wheat couscous
  • spinach
  • frozen corn
  • Autumn Blend spices from Spice Merchant in Ann Arbor
  • roasted pumpkin seeds

I simply roasted the squash, cooked the couscous, and added sauteed veggies, and topped it with pumpkin seeds.

You could make something similar with the following substitutions:

  • butternut squash –> use any kind of roasted squash or root vegetables
  • couscous –> use quinoa or rice
  • spinach & corn –> substitute other greens or veggies (frozen or fresh)
  • autumn spice blend –> instead try garlic, chili powder or paprika
  • roasted pumpkin seeds –> top your dish with any crunchy, salty nut

Not only was this meal delicious and filling, but it also helped us to clean out our refrigerator!


In case anyone out there is looking for a good read this Thanksgiving season, I recently finished Take This Bread and I’d highly recommend it.  A few weeks ago a friend mentioned that this was one of their all time favorite books, so I checked it out from the library the next day and finished it within a week.

Here is a brief description of the book, taken directly from Amazon:

Early one morning, for no earthly reason, Sara Miles, raised an atheist, wandered into a church, received communion, and found herself transformed–embracing a faith she’d once scorned. A lesbian left-wing journalist who’d covered revolutions around the world, Miles didn’t discover a religion that was about angels or good behavior or piety; her faith centered on real hunger, real food, and real bodies. Before long, she turned the bread she ate at communion into tons of groceries, piled on the church’s altar to be given away. Within a few years, she and the people she served had started nearly a dozen food pantries in the poorest parts of their city.

I absolutely loved this book.  As someone with many questions about religion, yet also feeling totally convinced that we’re all here to help and love our neighbors, I could relate on some level to the author’s journey of faith.  I found this book to be refreshing, inspiring and enjoyable to read.  The story is true, and the radically inclusive food pantry that Sara Miles created in the midst of a church is truly amazing.  Check out the video below to see how the author’s church converts its alter into a food pantry each week:

Here’s to a refreshing, inspiring, and cozy week ahead!


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