Reds + Greens

Tonight’s dinner was colorful, packed with nutrients and immunity boosting ingredients, and easy to prepare.  I didn’t realize while making it, but this dinner is full of reds & greens.  Tis the season!

I wanted a dinner that would fill us up — not just with empty calories, but with seasonal, healthy, whole foods.

First, I roasted beets with a little grape seed oil and garlic.

While those were roasting, I cooked a mixture of quinoa and red lentils.

I also simply sauteed brussels sprouts and red onion with a bit of sea salt.

I piled all of these ingredients on a bed of arugula, and sprinkled almonds and pomegranate seeds on top.  Yummm!

I served this with a homemade miso dressing (3 T chickpea miso, 3 T tahini, 1 T lemon juice and about 3/4 C water – all brought to a boil and then left simmering to thicken).

I love when a meal looks as beautiful as it tastes!

What do you think of the smaller photos?  I thought that the large photos may be a bit difficult to see, and they probably take longer to load.  I’d love your feedback!


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