Easy Miso Sauce

I’ve tried a lot of foods and flavors, but miso is new to me.

What is miso? Basically, it is a Japanese seasoning made from fermented beans or grains.  The taste is unique and salty, and I think it takes a little getting used to, but I’m totally hooked.  Although I’m not vegan, I love finding sauces and flavors that can finish off a dish without adding cheese or a creamy, dairy based dressing.

For this dressing, I followed the directions on the miso container (I used Chickpea Miso instead of soy):

3 T miso paste + 3 T tahini + juice of a lemon + a little less than 1 C water

Whisk, heat, thicken, enjoy!

We’ve been eating a couscous/veggie/bean salad for lunches this week, and this miso dressing is a great flavor addition!

Do you have a favorite homemade sauce or dressing recipe?  Please share!



One thought on “Easy Miso Sauce

  1. Miso soup is good too.
    One of my favorite dressing recipes is the classic french vinaigrette. 2 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar — a lot of times I use a champagne vinegar; add some good quality dijon mustard and whisk it until it all mixes. Besides a salad this is good on raw vegetables. Or you can take out the dijon and squeeze in some orange juice and a little soy sauce; use this on a mandarin orange, red onion and spinach salad.

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