Arugula Pesto Pasta

Smoothies are an ideal way to pack a ton of greens, veggies or fruit into one meal, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for smoothie!  This pesto pasta dish allowed us to pack over 4 cups of arugula into a deliciously simple dinner.

I filled our food processor 1/2 way with arugula (you could use spinach or another green instead), 1/8 C grape seed oil, and 1/4 C almonds.  After pureeing that mixture, I added another round of each ingredient, and adjusted the measurements to create a thick, creamy pesto.

I also chopped a large red pepper to add color, flavor & texture to the dish.

I simply added these ingredients to whole wheat pasta, and dinner was served!  The leftover pesto was perfect on roasted vegetables the next day, and it would be a great way to add flavor to a sandwich or toast.

What’s your favorite way to pack veggies into a meal?


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