More Plants

Last week we watched the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. Even if your not fat or sick! The movie follows Joe Cross on a journey to get rid of an autoimmune disease and regain his health — all by drinking juice. By the end of the documentary, and after an extended juice cleanse, Joe is healthy, fit, off of his medication, and has no signs of his disease. It is an amazing story, and although it didn’t make me want to drink only a juice for a month (although I would consider it if I needed to!), it reinforced what I already knew: to be healthy and fight off illness, plants should be the majority of our diet — as close to 100% as possible.

Ever since watching the documentary I have been (re)inspired to cram as many vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and nuts into my daily diet as I possibly can. Coincidentally, my gym just opened a new juice bar.  I shouldn’t make a habit out of it because it’s kind of expensive, but today I tried a delicious beet/carrot/cucumber juice. Yum!

After sipping on some veggies, I came home and started cooking up some more.

broccoli, brussels sprouts, red cabbage, red lentils and quinoa

First, I got my lentils and quinoa cooking on the stove.  Next, I simply washed and chopped the veggies,

roasted the brussels sprouts and broccoli with pumpkin seeds and grape seed oil,

and made a quick salad with the chopped cabbage (I added carrots and onion for extra veggies).

For the dressing, I mixed tahini, lime juice, miso, honey and grape seed oil.  It tasted like a peanut sauce dressing!

Within about 15 minutes, dinner was served!

I love that every part of this dinner was from a plant and full of nutrients.

Have you seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead?  What did you think?



5 thoughts on “More Plants

  1. Ive seen the movies twice and really enjoyed it. I asked my husband for a $400 juicer last Xmas because of the movie, but i have to admit, it takes so long to wash the juicer parts we dont juice as often as we should. Joe’s “mean green” juice receipe is excellent, you might want to try it. (And even a cheap juicer will do the trick.). I liked your post and Im impressed with how many veggies you packed on the plate. We are going to try and follow your lead. You might like the movie “forks over knives”. I really like your blog:)
    PS. Both movies are on Netflicks

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