Cashew Cream

I’m in the midst of a lot of cookin’, so this is going to be a short but sweet post.  Tomorrow morning I’m bringing scones to our Thanksgiving breakfast.  I found a box of all natural scone mix from a specialty tea shop (I don’t trust myself to bake something from scratch for a crowd!).  The directions are simple: add 1 cup heavy cream (or 1 cup cashew cream) to mix.

So immediately I thought, “What the heck is cashew cream, and why have I not discovered it?!”  A quick Google search later, and I found that it is super simple to make this vegan cream substitute.

Soak RAW cashews overnight. (I didn’t know this, but they don’t really taste like nutty cashews until they’ve been roasted.)

Blend with an equal amount of water (add water for a thinner consistency).

Use instead of heavy cream!

Gobble gobble!


3 thoughts on “Cashew Cream

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I never heard of cashew cream either. Let me know how the scones tasted with this and thanks for all of your posts.

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