Strawberry Scones

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into Todd & Holland Tea Merchants in Forest Park.  It’s always fun to look at (and sample!) their amazing selection of teas along with other specialty items.  As someone who loves scones but is not the best baker, I was especially drawn to their strawberry scone mix.

This Iveta scone mix was super simple and came highly recommended by the staff at Todd & Holland’s.  The Iveta website has lots of helpful information, recipes and photo tutorials.

All I had to add to this mix was 1 C heavy cream or cashew cream (read my previous post for more details!).

I simply added 1 C cashew cream to the dry mix, formed the batter into 4 small circles, and cut each circle into 4 wedges.  I followed the baking instructions and ended up with 16 delicious strawberry scones!

These were the perfect start to a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my family!

If you are in the mood for foolproof baking, I would definitely recommend Iveta’s scone mix.  I would also suggest substituting cashew cream for heavy cream if you are looking for a healthier option in your holiday baking recipes.

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!




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