Barefoot Contessa Birthday Dinner

Last week my mom and sister gave me instructions for my birthday dinner, which we celebrated last night.  They asked me to plan the menu, send them the recipes/ingredients, and then we would prepare it together as a family.  For someone who loves to look through recipes, and enjoys cooking with other people, this was such a perfect way to celebrate my birthday!


I love the Barefoot Contessa cookbook, How Easy is That?, so I searched through and came up with a delicious vegetarian dinner that I thought my family would enjoy.  It was fun for everyone – even Gavin and Hudson – to help out!  They are cute little cooks. 🙂



Below are the links to each recipe.  We followed them pretty closely and loved all 3 dishes!

Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta


Wild Rice Salad with Oranges, Grapes and Pecans


Sausage (we used veggie sausage) Stuffed Mushrooms


We served all three of these dishes together with a simple green salad on the side.  Yum!


I couldn’t have asked for a more fun or delicious birthday dinner with my family!


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