Holiday Dip

Guacamole is usually my go-to appetizer.  I make it when people come over for drinks, I offer to bring it parties, and I thoroughly enjoy eating it. 🙂  It’s easy, healthy and delicious.  Recently I decided to switch things up.  We were invited to a holiday party and I offered to bring 2 appetizers: guacamole & tortilla chips and an eggplant dip & pita chips.

This recipe, featured in Plenty, was simple and SO delicious!

First, I burnt an eggplant under the broiler for an hour.  I actually did this the night before and let it cool in the fridge overnight.


The next day I drained the inside, fleshy part of the eggplant for about 1/2 hour.  Then I chopped and mixed it with a big spoonful of tahini, 1 minced garlic clove, the juice of a lemon, and about 2 T of honey (the recipe called for pomegranate molasses, but I didn’t have any so I substituted honey and a little extra lemon juice).


I also added a handful of chopped parsley, a couple of diced cucumbers, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.


To give this dip a sweet and tart crunch, the recipe calls for the seeds from 1/2 pomegranate.  At this point I was ready to eat the dip myself and only bring the guacamole. But I didn’t!


I packed it up and added some extra parsley and pomegranate seeds on top — perfect Christmas colored ingredients!  It was a big hit, and I think people actually ate more of the eggplant tahini dip than the guacamole.  It’s worth trying something new!


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